User Interface

Architecting Your Project's Layout

User Interface is an important part of the creation process, it acts as the architecture of the project. Often, the use of creating wireframes separates timely, in-budget, and successful design projects from loosely planned ones that rarely trigger a positive reaction. According to The Oxford Dictionary, a wireframe is “an image or set of images which displays the functional elements of a website or page, typically used for planning a site’s structure and functionality.”

Some of the reasons we use wire frames within the UI process is:

  • Planning
    When you commission the build of a new house, you would expect the architect to show you his plans. These initial plans will tell you how big each room is going to be, and how you would get from one room to the next. Forgoing this step could lead to real problems. Say you went ahead and built the house anyway, without any real plans. To call it a challenge would be an understatement. Imagine you were in the kitchen and simply can’t find the door to the living room! You know it should be here somewhere…

  • Benefits
    They help iron out kinks in website design so that the site will function flawlessly when launched.

  • Define important questions
  • What’s the most important action a user should take on this page?
  • What should be the most important piece of information on the page?
  • What happens if they click this element?
  • What’s the first thing the user will see on this page?
  • What do I want a user to do here?

  • Develop effective design
    All of these bullets points above help lead to a better user-centric focused design. Just as decribed above, going into a project without thoroughly planning out the elements prior would seem irrational, and could lead to a bad user experience.