Social Network Development

Creating Platforms Connecting People

Do you have an idea for the next social network or membership site? Great, we've got tons of experience building them. We have built multiple membership sites, in which we've had heavy influence on user interface design, their business model, and business strategy, all of which are generating revenue today! We have created sites in which people pay over $149/month for a membership to a digital product. That means they are paying $149/month to connect with other memebers on the site... not an easy thing to do (patting ourselves on the back).

We understand the value proposition for users and what gets them to signup, communicate with others or your product/service and most importantly pay for your service. We have extensive time setting up platforms that can be quickly tested and optimized for your best results. For example we create paywalls which prompts users to pay. We've tested the same page thousands of times just to see which prices create the most value for you. We've added and removed hundreds of different offers finding out which works best for your business and your users. To just go out there and think you will get it right the first time would be naive which is why we understand testing needs to be done regardless, so we build the infrastructure to do so.