Creating Custom Communication Based off User Actions

Whether you're an existing company or a startup, initially communicating with your user base and continuously greeting them is an important part of operating your business. Now more than ever people recieve more marketing messages then ever before. We're exposed at an all time high to ads, emails, billboards, television commercials and more on a daily basis. How do we break through all of this? What we're seeing is automated custom communication with companies and their users based off specific actions. What does all of that actually mean? It means when you buy a shirt off of amazon, two weeks later they'll send you similar brands in that same size you've previously purchased, which is very smart because clearly you've proven a) you're willing to buy from them, b) you like men's shirts- size large in Polo. You and your company are leaving money on the table if you're not building automated processes to communicate with your users based off of particular actions they're making whether that be a download, a purchase, opting into an email list and so fourth.

We understand testing is a big part of creating strong value for your customers which is why we create systems to constantly be tested to ensure the best results.

Big companies such a Macy's, Amazon, and other fortune 500 brands have caught on to the value of getting your information and constantly communicating with you. Have you ever seen at retail stores they will give as much as 25% off of your purchase for your email? That's because they know on average the communication system they have built is worth more than the average 25% of a one time sale per customer in their store. Aside from improving their bottom line it's what will take them into the future, and maintaining a competitive edge in their market place. Are you building life time relationships with your customers, or just focusing on one a one time sale? Automating your communication with your customers is a crutial step to building your brand in today's competitive landscape.